The first home-based networking device manufacturer in China, Tenda founded in 1999 mainly focused on innovation, easy to use, and affordability of a networking solution. Its product range includes routers, switches, broadband CPE, gateways, powerlines, mobile broadband, and IP cameras, etc. for homes & businesses. They established a partnership with Broadcom in 2012 and adopted the most advanced chip to ensure the most reliable networking solutions in the world. Tenda’s cutting-edge products include a huge variety such as Wi-Fi easy setup routers, smart dual-band gigabit WiFi routers, extenders, 4G/3G routers, Outdoor CPE routers, etc. These high-performing quality routers are easy to set up with IP addresses and login to the networks to create reliable environments with firmware & passwords. Among the models n301, F3, F9, and FH1202 are the most significant in the market of Bangladesh.




Tenda F9 | 600Mbps Hi-Speed Wi-Fi Router

Tenda F9 | 600Mbps Hi-Speed Wi-Fi Router

  • Router / WISP
  • Universal Reader
  • AP working mode
  • Realtek chipset
  • 16MB memory
  • 9V1A output power
  • 2.4~2.4835 GHz frequency

1,100.00৳ 2,250.00৳

Tenda N301 | 300 Mbps Broadband N Router

Tenda N301 | 300 Mbps Broadband N Router

  • 2 fixed antenna
  • Built-in DHCP server
  • DHCP client list
  • Bandwidth control
  • Mac address clone
  • Remote web management
  • System log
  • WPS button

1,050.00৳ 1,180.00৳

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